Written Marketing Communications Services

Being able to convey the message of your company is very important. JLG Marketing Services offers writing services for a variety of media. We can help you write website content, press releases, blogs, brochure material or any promotional literature you may require.

Public relations is a great way to get your company’s name out there at a low cost. We can develop, write and distribute professional press releases for your company. We can also handle media relations for you, getting press coverage from the news outlets that are most important to you.

Here are some of our communications services:

  • Press Releases – Develop content ideas, write and distribute professional press releases.
  • Brochure material – Develop and write content for brochures and other promotional literature content.
  • Media Relations – Conduct media relations to get your company press coverage in the media outlets most appropriate for you.
  • Blogs – Create a blogging strategy and write company blogs to help meet your goals.
  • Website Copywriting – Write effective, keyword-rich and search engine-optimized content for your website.

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