Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click / Paid Search

Whatever you’d like to call it, we specialize in it. Paid search is our passion and produces immediate results for you.

We create, launch, test and optimize search engine marketing campaigns across all search engines. It’s our job to stay up on all of the latest practices. Let us take the guesswork out of it and make the most out of the opportunities that lie out there for your business.

Here are the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services we offer:

  • Account Creation – Research keywords, develop structure, write ad copy, implement targeting, budget and schedule in order to launch your account. If you have an account already in place, we can go through and clean it up for the best possible results.
  • Keyword Development – If just starting out, or a veteran SEM-er, we can conduct keyword research to see which words work best for you, including expanding your list to include long-tail keywords which often can provide the best return. After running the account, we’ll have more data to make decisions on which keywords to keep and which we should boot.
  • Bid Management – The bids that you start out with are not always the best to keep. We’ll analyze and report on each ad group to keep tabs on what is the most effective bid you should have in place. With someone keeping an eye on your bids, you can save lots of money while still making money.
  • Optimize for your goals – Work toward goals of reducing Cost per Lead, Cost per Click, increasing Rank, CTR or whatever we determine together is the best goal for your company.
  • Campaign Management – Constant management of your campaigns, including testing ad content, optimizing keywords, adjusting bids and more.

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