We can set up your analytics account, provide consistent reporting, analyze your traffic, make suggestions on how best to take advantage of your traffic and more. Web analytics is the tip of the iceberg for everything that your business can achieve on the Internet.

We recommend that each and every one of our customers at least has some sort of website tracking installed on their company’s website.

Here is what we can offer you for website analytics services:

  • Setup – Creation and implementation of website tracking, if it’s a free Google Analytics account, or a paid subscription analytics software.
  • Reporting – We can provide daily, weekly, monthly reporting on your website’s statistics. Details will depend on what’s most important to you. We can make suggestions and recommendations on the most important features to track. Developing KPIs, key performance indicators.
  • Analysis – Assess and analyze the provided data to where your traffic is coming from, what’s it doing when it gets there. What’s keeping people there, what’s making them leave. What are the best sources, worst sources. How can we create a better funnel for people to come and stay. Uncover trends and patterns in your website data. Track all advertising dollars spent online. Understand and integrate
  • Optimization – Not only better optimizing your keywords on the site to bring more traffic, but improve the experience of a user by the layout and the funnel created for those arriving from marketing or other sources.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll discuss what we can get done for your business.

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